We are a technology consulting firm that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to unleash the full potential of your business and put it on the path to continuous growth

Our services include Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostics, Predictive Modelling, and Prescriptive Analytics. We employ advanced scientific methods including forecasting, regression, classification, sentiment analysis, topic modelling, and time series analysis to extract actionable insights.

Our insights can be applied to financial predictions, market recommendations, fraud detection and business development. we build custom reports and frameworks that help your business grow better and more efficient

DataWorks is established in Australia in 2020 by Dr Hany Hossny and it is growing since then with a journey of business success and satisfied customers.


Hany Hossny

Dr. Hany Hossny

Founder and CEO

Hany@dataworks.ai | Tel: +61414039290

Dr. Mo Hossny

Head of Research

Dr. Mostafa Hossny

Development Team Lead

Dr. Karim Hossny

Engineering Team Leader

Mohammed Khaliefa

USA Managing Partner

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